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Switch to sustainability

At Progress we are committed to manufacturing your packaging using economically-sound methods that minimise negative environmental impact while also conserving energy and natural resources.

Our practices include: using sustainable materials to produce your packaging, reducing and offsetting the carbon footprint of the manufacturing process, and using eco-friendly alternatives to more environmentally damaging production methods.

Use Sustainable Materials

Progress Packaging Materials

Materials are the lifeblood of our work at Progress and integral to our packaging formats and the outlook of the brands we partner with.

We are passionate about sourcing and specifying the most sustainable packaging alternatives for our clients whilst maintaining both the quality and impact our product delivers. By using sustainable and eco-friendly materials such as Notpla, which uses by-products from the processing of seaweed, or FSC® certified papers and boards in manufacturing, we are helping to ensure that after your packaging has been discarded, it can be efficiently recycled or composted to minimise environmental impact.

Progress Packagong Seaweed Material Samscales.notpla.sea06.22.web Sq

Notpla paper uses by-products from the processing of seaweed. It is entirely natural, synthetic additive free, recyclable and biodegradable.

Photo: Sam Scales

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Using FSC® certified papers and boards in packaging ensures that materials are from sustainable sources.

Reduce carbon footprint

Progress Packaging Carbon Footprint

Progress operate as a carbon neutral organisation and have committed to the Net Zero Pledge.

Our footprint is rigorously recorded and analysed, and we set challenging goals for reduction and offset throughout our operations. By partnering with us to produce your packaging you are joining the battle against climate change and can benefit from the impact this will also deliver for your brand.

Progres Packaging Pressed Paper Pulp Insert Environmentally Friendly Alternative

Pressed paper inserts to secure products inside a box are an eco-friendly option to plastic and can be customised to suit any product.

Mushroom Packaging Plastic Alternative Fungi Material Biodegradable

Mushroom packaging is a plastic insert alternative that’s made from the material structure of fungi and is 100% biodegradable.

Go Plastic Free

Progress Packaging Reduce

We are passionate about reducing the polluting role of plastic in packaging and helping to replace it with planet-friendly alternatives.

We actively advise clients on substituting plastic with sustainable options by using alternative materials and processes. With many manufacturing options now widely available such as pressed paper or mushroom packaging inserts we are committed to working with you to tackle global plastic pollution.