Nespresso is a world leader in coffee machines, capsules and coffee accessories. Known globally for their unique flavours of espresso, cappuccino and coffee via their Nespresso machines.

To celebrate the launch of the Selection Vintage 2014 range, they commissioned Steven Wright to design a bespoke piece of packaging to help showcase their products. Working alongside Steven, Progress produced approximately 1500 limited edition paper over board boxes which were covered in Winter & Company Naturlinen paper. A sleeve manufactured from Paperback Eco Cairn Kraft was created, which was branded by foiling and debossing. To secure the product in place, an inner die cut walled platform was made, with a large area left to hold region-specific printed collateral.

Progress then shipped the goods worldwide to Canada, New Zealand, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Greece, Austria, Thailand, Italy, Romania, Mexico, Netherlands, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, USA, Hungary, France and Belgium.

Progress Packaging Nespresso Presentation Cloth Covered Box
Progress Packaging Nespresso Presentation Kraft Sleeve Creative
Progress Packaging Nespresso Presentation Cloth Covered Box Luxury
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