1. Production – Increase


    Production > Increase

    The Story Continues.

    Production > continues to evolve and diversify as new technologies and materials entwine with traditional craft.

    Packaging in any form or quantity no longer has limitations but is an enticing opportunity that allows brands to engage and communicate in new ways.

    #Packaging Partners #PackagingDesign #CreativeProduction

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  2. Packaging > Unfold


    Packaging > Unfold

    The Beginning of a New Story.

    Packaging > is an outer layer of intrigue – an unforgettable moment at the beginning of a story told through function, form and experience.

    It opens the heart and reaches deep inside to capture imagination and hold attention.

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  3. Wolfburn Whisky Cartons

    Amathus Wolfburn bannerWolfburn bottle and carton master - edit

    Wolfburn carton decanter glass master copy - edit

    Wolfburn Composition - edit

    If you hadn’t already heard, there’s a new whisky brand in town… or should that be ‘back in town’? If, like me, you are a complete history buff who loves nothing more than to learn something new every day, then you will enjoy the story that Wolfburn can tell you about themselves on their website, but let’s just point out that the last time Wolfburn produced whisky in Thurso, these things were happening:

    - Queen Victoria was still on the throne.
    - Alfred Nobel had just invented Dynamite.
    - Big Ben had just struck its first chime.
    - Abraham Lincoln was President of the United States of America.
    - Victor Hugo had just published Les Miserables.
    - There was a reward of £8000 for Ned Kelly – Dead or Alive.
    - Jules Verne was journeying to the centre of the earth.

    There was a lot going on, and this just shows how long the distillery has been closed for. Today, however, Wolfburn is a brand that is coming back from the dead distilleries. After 150 years of neglect, they found a “barely discernible pile of stones (in Thurso), but one thing remained from the yesteryears of Wolfburn distillery: the water. The cold, clear waters that fed the mash tun and stills, all those years ago, were still flowing just as they always had, and if the Wolf Burn was still there, then the whisky could be, too.”

    However, “No bottles or even memories of the original Wolfburn whisky remain from when the distillery last operated,” so the whole project, even down to the production of the whisky, would be started from scratch.

    Making the decision to bring Wolfburn back to life, the company’s massive task began. When their list of ‘jobs to be done’ began to shorten and they finally reached the fun stage of preparing the packaging that would house their relaunched whiskies, they came to us at Progress Packaging. We had to help bring their packaging to life in a way that supported the whole rebirth, and we absolutely love the final result.

    These crash lock based cartons had to be of high quality to support such a brand. They were flood-printed black, matt laminated and then gloss UV spot varnished and foil-blocked gold to two designs (EU versions and USA versions). We also produced the labels, digitally printing onto uncoated stock paper. These, too, were matt varnished, as well as being gold foil-blocked over four designs.

    So, maybe in years to come, there will be pages and pages of history about Wolfburn in 2016. The year they came back into the whisky market with a bang. The year every member of staff at Progress Packaging suddenly decided to become a whisky connoisseur in their spare time. The year it became socially acceptable to admit to liking Justin Beiber’s new album without having tomatoes thrown at you in the street. Yes, we went there. Is it too late now to say sorry?

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  4. Tom Dixon Tote Bags




    As you’ve probably seen, we’ve done a few pieces for Tom Dixon recently. However, we’ve had some new imagery done of a lot of our products and we felt like these needed another share. These screen-printed tote bags have been seen out and about all over the place, and it’s no wonder really, with the striking colours and stunning design offering something for everyone.

    If you haven’t already snatched one of these up, you can do so here just by clicking on these links:

    London Brick Tote – Small

    London Brick Tote – Large

    Happy Tom Dixon viewing.

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  5. Did you know we have an author in the office?

    Vic Signing 2

    Vic Signing - Leeds

    Remember a few weeks ago when we wondered what Vicki had been doing during the last 5 years while not working for Progress? Well, it turns out she wasn’t actually stranded on a beach with Leonardo DiCaprio; she’s been busier than anybody really knew. Vic – Also now known as Victoria L. James – is a published writer and has four books out to date.

    Her latest book, Natexus, was released a few weeks ago, but this weekend she had her very first author signing at the Leeds Author Event at The Marriott Hotel, alongside 60 other well known authors from all around the world. Just under 200 people flocked to the venue that day, which is probably why we can see a sneaky bottle of Corona in one of the pics. Sounds like she was busy and from what we’ve heard in the office, also incredibly overwhelmed.

    If you want to check out her books, (two of which have made it into Amazon’s romance bestsellers lists apparently. Fancy!) you can click on this link here and she can be found here, too.

    Well done, Holmesy!

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  6. Ginger Pig Apron Tubes

    Progress 5904

    Progress 5926

    Progress 5927

    Progress 5911

    There isn’t too much to say about these tubes other than… Look how pretty they are! *insert heart eyes*

    We’ve featured this piece of packaging previously (December 2015) when our MD, Simon, saw them in the store for the first time. However, new photography gives them a whole new look and sometimes it just goes to show how simple is more often than not the most effective route to take. These tubes were made from recycled stock and finished with a foil-blocked logo to the outer. I, for one, love everything about this logo and think the elegant Ginger Pig font is enough to make this non cooking, wannabe kitchen trespassing lady go out and buy herself an apron right now.

    Kudos, Ginger Pig. Kudos.

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  7. Rapha 2016 Welcome Packs





    Packaging something that is going to be mailed out to customers worldwide can be tricky. There are so many elements to think about when you know it needs to do more than just sit pretty on a shelf. When Rapha wanted a luxury piece that both represented their eye-catching brand, yet was also functional and practical, they came to us to help them with the production of these 2016 welcome packs.

    This three board case and lid had to be shallow enough so that it could be delivered via Royal Mail, without causing a truckload of problems for the postmen, or cost an arm and a leg to deliver because of the size of the packaging. We had to prototype this piece up to make sure it contained all the elements it needed to, as well as being able to fulfil the brief above.

    Maintaining the sleek look of Rapha, the black was achieved through Colorplan Ebony Fabric Emboss, and finished with a custom dyed signature pink ribbon. With a recessed lid fitment to hold the lid shut and hold a card in the diecut recess, this pack also held a brochure, cycling cap, and badges in place. To finish the product off nicely, there was a gloss black foil throughout.

    Even with this going through the prototype stage, the entire project was completed and out for delivery within just four weeks. From the amount of enthusiastic Rapha members we’ve seen posting pictures of this on the likes of Instagram and Twitter, we’d say this was definitely a winning mailing piece.

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  8. The Number 4 Retail Bags




    Designed by Baluba, a creative consultancy working with fashion, retail and lifestyle brands, these bags were produced for The Number 4 fashion store in Kuwait. Established in 2008, 4 is Kuwait’s foremost fashion and lifestyle destination store, featuring cutting edge fashion, accessories, homeware, books and artwork, to name a few things. Located in Kuwait’s edgy Al-Shuwaikh industrial district, 4 is unique in the region, and it comes as no surprise that they wanted their packaging to celebrate creativity in the same way they do throughout their store.

    Baluba came up with this stunning design using Tyvek material featuring a metallic silver lining. The finished piece had a one-colour print to the outer, before it was then fitted with 2 magnetic closures, as well as woven handles to the top.

    4 pride themselves on offering “a taste of the unusual and the distinctive” and we think they’ve achieved this perfectly with these bags. They definitely stand out from the crowd in the world of retail packaging.

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  9. 2016 Creativepool Annual Shortlist Nominee – That would be us!

    We haven’t been on Creativepool long, so imagine our surprise this morning when we found out we have made the shortlist for, not just one, but two of our packaging projects.

    There’s some tough competition with approx 30 other people on the shortlist. Certain spots will get judged by the judging panel themselves, while one project will get voted through a channel called ‘The People’s Choice.’

    If you’re interested in helping us get through to the next round, or indeed win, you can click on this link here, scroll through the shortlisted entries and vote for either our Rapha project, or our Hard Graft project.

    Thank you. Team Progress.


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  10. Rebus Hinged Lid Boxes

    Rebus Shot

    Rebus 2

    Rebus 1

    Rebus has become the UK’s premier creator of finely crafted signet rings in today’s market. They have a very strong heritage (most of which can be read about right HERE) that includes decades of commitment to ensuring they are the absolute best at what they do. Therefore, it was important for us to reflect their company ethos of providing beautiful end products when creating their final packaging piece.

    Using Winter & Co. Corvon paper on both the outer and inner of this box, we foil blocked their logo in one place to the face. A card cog was riveted to the hinged lid, and then a satin ribbon was used to wrap around the box and secure the closure. An EVA foam insert was fitted inside which had recesses to hold a signet ring, candle and a capsule in place securely.

    If you love watching production videos and are interested in the processes of how these wonderful pieces of jewellery are made, we definitely recommend checking out their Facebook page. You could always stop by and check ours out, too. You know… just if you’re passing through and all.

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