1. Progress in Computer Arts

    IMG_6696 - edit

    Thanks to our partners in crime at Design Project, the new Progress rebrand has a beautiful six-page spread in the September issue of Computer Arts, telling you all about how the changes to our logo, stationery and website came about, from concept stage, right through to the final product.

    Speaking to the magazine, James Littlewood of Design Project described how the new branding reflects the changes of Progress Packaging over the last decade.

    “Historically, Progress primarily worked with agencies and would liaise day-to-day with creative directors and designers. Organically over time the company has diversified to work more directly with end clients to service a more expansive range of packaging formats – liaising with production managers and buyers to fulfil this type of work.”

    For a further insight into this project, grab your copy of the September issue of Computer Arts.

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  2. Cream And Powder


    With the cosmetics industry being one of the biggest industries in the world, it can be difficult for companies and brands to stand out. There is, however, no fear of that with this beautiful box piece for Cream & Powder. Using bright colours to compliment the lipstick and blusher splashed heart in the centre of the lid, this definitely stands out on the shelf.

    This four-board case and tray was lined and covered in a four colour print with a gloss laminate finish. On the inside, we produced foam inserts to hold the items that it would house securely – one black and one white – and a magnetic closure was fitted to secure the box and add that little extra detail to the packaging piece.

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  3. Film4 Bags




    The closest any of us at Progress have ever been to a film festival was in the year 2000 when Showcase Cinemas had a Chicken Run fun day in their car park and one of us won a tub of free popcorn in the egg and spoon race. So when Channel 4 came to us with a desire to produce some Film 4 giveaway bags for The Cannes Film Festival, naturally, we were excited to be involved in it, even it if was in some far off, distant way.

    These striking bags were produced using 12oz canvas material with shoulder length handles. A dyed red cotton lining was produced for the inside of the bag, matching the handles, also – which were lined up to match the screen-print as part of the very clever design for the number 4 on the outside of the bag. The finishing touch was the custom made woven label to the outer edge, making this bag one that was sure to stand out among the crowds.

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  4. Vaara

    Vaara, a brand and company built on the belief that everyone is capable of attaining and having an active lifestyle, make everything they touch feel harmonious and empowering to their target audience: the women of the world.

    With a strong emphasis on everything feeling as good as it looks and looking as good as it feels – as well as it being durable and suitable for everyday use – when it came to packaging their sport and activewear, they needed a design agency that would understand their ethos. Each London were the guys to step up to the plate and provide Vaara with a design and a range that works wonders, using clean lines, simple yet detailed branding that speaks for itself, and no-fuss, classically appealing materials.

    We at Progress Packaging Ltd were there to help with the production of these sophisticated designs. Four items were produced in total, all of which are detailed below.

    - Paper bags with grosgrain ribbon handles, made using 270gsm Colorplan Gravure Emboss with a raised 3D logo on both sides.
    - A small card folder , made using matching Gravure Colorplan paper with a foiled logo, also.
    - Tissue paper which was printed with a repeat pattern print using white on white.
    - Corrugated outer boxes, in a 0427 style, with a litho laminated interior and a white flexo print on the inside.



    The finished results support our belief that packaging can, indeed, be a beautiful thing.

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  5. Progress > Stationery





    Packaging > Vacuum formed mailer.

    Production > Vacuum pouch, 80 micron Tyvek, digital print.

    Partners > Design Project. Generation Press.

    Photography > Guy Farrow Photography.

    We have new stationery. Of course we do. We’ve just rebranded! Here’s a sharp breakdown of what we’ve featured above for those of you who love to take a closer look at the processes and materials involved.

    Production > G.F. Smith, Cranes Lettra Flourescent White, Triplexed Nomad Rough, 80mic Tyvek, One colour litho print, Kurz gloss black raised foil

    Partners > Generation press, G.F. Smith papers, Design Project.

    Business cards > G.F. Smith Triplexed Nomad Rough, One colour litho print, Kurz gloss black raised foil.

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  6. Progress > Rebrand

    Having worked alongside the incredibly talented guys at Design Project for over ten years now, it comes as no surprise to us that they’ve gone above and beyond all our expectations, once again, with the rebrand of Progress Packaging.

    Quoting their take on this project, Design Project said: “Our strategy was to create a new visual identity and position the business as ‘Packaging Partners’ – defining their appeal to buyers, production managers, marketeers and agencies alike. A key aspect of the identity is the ‘progress arrow’, a visual device used to express and articulate the ongoing story of the brand.”

    To help us promote the changes we’ve made to our brand, we’ve produced a tote bag for key clients, focusing our ‘Handled With Care’ tag line to show the method and approach that we take during all aspects of our production process.

    Over the last few weeks, we’ve been putting little teasers out into the blogosphere which have all led to us finally revealing our new Packaging > Partners branding today, and we’ve got to say, even we’re in awe of just how good it now looks out there.

    For further information contact > sales@progresspkg.co.uk


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  7. Partners > Enrich

    Enrich copy

    Partners > Enrich

    The Story Continues.

    Partners > flourish through building strong working relationships.

    Approaching production from the inside out – discussing detail and specification with designers or units and logistics with buyers – brings a refined, efficient outcome to packaging. It delivers results that are as remarkable as they are fluid.

    #PackagingPartners #PackagingDesign #CreativeProduction

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  8. Production > Increase


    Production > Increase

    The Story Continues.

    Production > continues to evolve and diversify as new technologies and materials entwine with traditional craft.

    Packaging in any form or quantity no longer has limitations but is an enticing opportunity that allows brands to engage and communicate in new ways.

    #Packaging Partners #PackagingDesign #CreativeProduction

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  9. Packaging > Unfold


    Packaging > Unfold

    The Beginning of a New Story.

    Packaging > is an outer layer of intrigue – an unforgettable moment at the beginning of a story told through function, form and experience.

    It opens the heart and reaches deep inside to capture imagination and hold attention.

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  10. Wolfburn Whisky Cartons

    Amathus Wolfburn bannerWolfburn bottle and carton master - edit

    Wolfburn carton decanter glass master copy - edit

    Wolfburn Composition - edit

    If you hadn’t already heard, there’s a new whisky brand in town… or should that be ‘back in town’? If, like me, you are a complete history buff who loves nothing more than to learn something new every day, then you will enjoy the story that Wolfburn can tell you about themselves on their website, but let’s just point out that the last time Wolfburn produced whisky in Thurso, these things were happening:

    - Queen Victoria was still on the throne.
    - Alfred Nobel had just invented Dynamite.
    - Big Ben had just struck its first chime.
    - Abraham Lincoln was President of the United States of America.
    - Victor Hugo had just published Les Miserables.
    - There was a reward of £8000 for Ned Kelly – Dead or Alive.
    - Jules Verne was journeying to the centre of the earth.

    There was a lot going on, and this just shows how long the distillery has been closed for. Today, however, Wolfburn is a brand that is coming back from the dead distilleries. After 150 years of neglect, they found a “barely discernible pile of stones (in Thurso), but one thing remained from the yesteryears of Wolfburn distillery: the water. The cold, clear waters that fed the mash tun and stills, all those years ago, were still flowing just as they always had, and if the Wolf Burn was still there, then the whisky could be, too.”

    However, “No bottles or even memories of the original Wolfburn whisky remain from when the distillery last operated,” so the whole project, even down to the production of the whisky, would be started from scratch.

    Making the decision to bring Wolfburn back to life, the company’s massive task began. When their list of ‘jobs to be done’ began to shorten and they finally reached the fun stage of preparing the packaging that would house their relaunched whiskies, they came to us at Progress Packaging. We had to help bring their packaging to life in a way that supported the whole rebirth, and we absolutely love the final result.

    These crash lock based cartons had to be of high quality to support such a brand. They were flood-printed black, matt laminated and then gloss UV spot varnished and foil-blocked gold to two designs (EU versions and USA versions). We also produced the labels, digitally printing onto uncoated stock paper. These, too, were matt varnished, as well as being gold foil-blocked over four designs.

    So, maybe in years to come, there will be pages and pages of history about Wolfburn in 2016. The year they came back into the whisky market with a bang. The year every member of staff at Progress Packaging suddenly decided to become a whisky connoisseur in their spare time. The year it became socially acceptable to admit to liking Justin Beiber’s new album without having tomatoes thrown at you in the street. Yes, we went there. Is it too late now to say sorry?

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